Telx Backup Benefits

The best deal in backup, hands-down

Telx Backup does not charge any extra fees. You pay a fixed package price based on the storage you need – resulting in one of the lowest per-gigabyte storage prices of any online business backup solution.

Take care of your business

With Telx Backup, backup occurs automatically in the background, you won’t have to stop working, and after the initial backup setup no one has to choose between backing up and doing their jobs.

No use of hardware

With Telx Backup you will no longer need hardware to install or maintain, no wires to connect, no disks or tapes to deal with, no technician needed. Simply install the software and leave rest on us.

Secured than others

Your backup is encrypted at all times, and stored on redundant disk arrays that are immeasurably more reliable than internal or external hard drives. We have data centers which are protected from theft, fire, water damage and anything else that can happen.

Minimized Downtime

If accidently your data is lost or hard drive is crashed you can get all your data restored on other system within few clicks in no time.

24/7 support

If you want responsive help, we are pleased to provide customer support by email, chat or phone – 7 days a week.