Personal Online Data Backup Solution.

Store your PCs data online so files can be restored as easily and quickly as possible.

Safely store your important documents & personal images MP3 music & Videos. You will be able to access these files any where any time you need.
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Introduction to Telx
Get the big picture fast with a short introduction to TelxPro online backup.

Advantages of TelxHome

Easy Backup for any Files.

If you intend to back up your hard drive with all of your programs, images, music files and word documents, you can do this with ease using TelxHome, where you can combine backups for different files.

Faster, Easier and Stable.

High speed Internet connections make backup fast. When you use TelxHome backup service it becomes easy and reliable. The backup runs just like a traditional tape backup and can be scheduled manually.

More Promising Backup Solution.

TelxHome organizations run their own backups procedure, adding yet another layer of security for your records by encryption of data. Data transmission over the Internet is perfectly safe through the use of our advanced encryption technology that prevents any unauthorized users from accessing your information.

Access from Anywhere.

Telx Online backup is really good for those who work online. Users can backup their data from any location and also access multiple computers at different locations by making risk free data backup.

TelxHome data backup plan?

Less resources than you think.

Unlike desktop backup options which can be very time consuming by backing up data on CDs, DVDs or external hard drives, TelxHome backup service will only take a minimal amount of time to store frequently used data. No longer are you required to wait to find the right tape or wait for an IT expert to recover your lost data.

Find your latest updated files.

TelxPro updates your backup files automatically. Once you upload the file, any changes will be saved in your backup file. Daily automated backup provides maximum protection with no hassle.


TelxHome supports Windows XP,Vista and 7 (Vista and XP (32 & 64 bit).