Telx Backup Work Environment

Convenient to Install

An Automatic or scheduled backup makes for an easy process as it takes very little time to install. Once you have the backup is installed, data immediately starts uploading to the Telx online backup.

Encrypted data transmission

Telx server backup organizations run their own tape backups, adding yet another layer of security for your records. Data transmission over the Internet is perfectly safe through the use of advanced encryption technology that prevents anyone who doesn't have your password from accessing your backup.

Quick Backup Process

High speed Internet connections make Telx backup fast, which makes this service easy and reliable. The backup runs just like a traditional tape backup and can be scheduled manually. Whenever you are done editing the file, it uploads into the online data backup according to your schedule.

Anywhere & Anytime Accessible

Users can make backup from any location and also access at multiple computers, making risk free data backup. You can access your files from anywhere at any time. If you lose your computer and data, you can simply retrieve your files from other computers. As long as you can access the Internet, you can access your files.