Telx Backup is a well-known innovator in the online backup industry with lots of advanced technologies to make sure that the backups happen quickly and safely.

Excellent technology for backup

Our software is designed to be intelligent, so it can automatically s and updates your files. Our restoring process can begin restoring your lost or damaged files back to your computer within seconds.

Our restore manager makes it easy to restore your files to a new computer by automatically figuring out where to put your files.

A wide range of file support

File systems – like the ones used in Microsoft Windows or Mac OS – This software support a wide range of file system including server files. By developing our own file system primarily for backup and restore operations, we track billions of files at once, so that we can better maintain our file integrity during backups, as well as upload files quickly.

Industry Recognition

In 2002, we became the 10th largest IT Company in the Nation; rated by PC Magazine.

Recent Developments
Introducing Telxpro

TelxPro features a new look and an optimized restoration process to make it even easier to get your files back when you need them.