Advanced Security for Your Enterprise Data.

Telx® is the most ensured company to provide Comprehensive online data protection. Telx has an intuitive & reliable Online service to safe & secure your growing business data. With built-in redundancy across multiple locations, Telx uses enterprise-grade infrastructure for superior data protection.

Tons of companies backup their computers with Telxpro ®.
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Introduction to Telx
Get the big picture fast with a short introduction to TelxPro online backup.

Online Backup Requirement.

Need of Online backup

Backing up your business data files enables you to protect them against data loss in future. If the original data becomes lost, you can still restore the lost data from the online backup. Online backup promises to address the challenges posed by traditional tape backup solutions. From small home businesses to large fortune companies, all are rapidly turning towards online backup and recovery to replace older and less reliable tape backup.

Cause of data loss

Data loss includes hardware or software failure, accidental deletion, computer viruses and theft that may cause significant loss to a business. Data loss has even shuttered businesses.

Less work to gain more

Traditional backup solutions require user interaction, with difficult procedures that are time consuming and expensive. Telx Backup requires only a one-time configuration. Telx Backup then runs for fully automated and secure online backup with disaster recovery.

Advantages of TelxPro.

Easy to go

TelxPro schedules an automatic backup process to manage multi-user environments to lets you get on with running your business easily. Telx Backup runs automatically according to the desired schedule, without any need for user interface. High speed Internet connections make Telx Backup fast and easy to maintain to restore your records.

Smart security backup solution

The TelxPro uses advanced techniques to safeguard the integrity and privacy of your data before moving it to backup. When backed up online, data is automatically encrypted for optimal data protection of your business’ computers and servers. For more security, users can use a personal password for accessing data backups.

Highly affordable & reliable

No extra hardware equipment required and no need to pay setup cost. TelxPro is significantly more reliable, with built-in redundancy across multiple locations.

Server Backup

There is one new feature introduced in TelxPro to provide server database backup. One is Microsoft SQL Server and the other is Microsoft Exchange Server, both of which provide crucial data to the server. They are the database of important enterprise and web-based applications.