A fabulous online storage tool among individuals.

A complete package of features including file syncing, user-friendly interface to protect your shared files, downloading, creating, editing, zipping and deleting files.

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Introduction to Telx
Get the big picture fast with a short introduction to TelxPro online backup.

The smart choice for you

TelxPro® saves your business time and money by helping you perform the critical task of backup with fewer resources. With TelxPro, there is no extra hardware to buy, no setup fees, and with our automatic backups, no additional management required to oversee it all. Take the hassle and high cost out of backup with Telx's pay-as-you-go backup services.

TelxHome Packages for business

Including server support and backup SQL data bases and MS Exchange, System state.


Plan Computers Price
5 Gb Unlimited
100 Gb Unlimited


Plan Computers Price
5 Gb Unlimited
250 Gb Unlimited
includes server backup

Accounts can be billed monthly, annually, or biennially (every two years)