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From Fortune 500 companies, to small home businesses, Telx® is the most trusted name in online backup. As a part of storage giant EMC, Telx has the experience and infrastructure to keep your data safe & secure..

More than 70,000 businesses trust. TelxPro® to back up their computers.
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Introduction to Telx
Get the big picture fast with a short introduction to TelxPro online backup.

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Reselling TelxPro service and expand your business

Increase your profit margin tremendously by offering TelxPro products to your customers. Telx backup has an intuitive and reliable online interface, which is why maximum resellers trust us as the best backup solution provider. We focus on the needs of businesses that deal with quality consumer-grade technology that provide quality services with comprehensive data protection. From the beginning, we have consistently been first to introduce new technology and solutions to the online services market.

Reseller Program support

At Telx, we find all reseller products and information you need to market and sell with the TelxPro Reseller Program which includes everything such as videos, advertising material, product documentation and white papers.

Providing customers with these services does not require extensive setup, hardware investment, or hours of configuration. A quick email to a company that provides reseller accounts will add this valuable service to a business lineup with very little hassle. Telx backup providers are willing to offer fully-branded packages to their resellers. In a short period of time, the reseller will provide his clients with Telx software and documentation fully customized with the reseller's graphics and business name. Telx Backup service provides flat-rate pricing to the reseller and usually places no restriction on the price the reseller can charge for the same services.

Telx Backup’s reseller accounts provide a variety of services. For more information on how you can make money reselling with Telx Backup service, Apply now.

Get Branded/Get Popular/Go Viral with Telx

Telx Backup also provide white label portals for, which will be absolutely free of charge.