Online Server Backup.

TelxPro provides management tool for online backup that automate the entire backup, storage and recovery of your business servers. Business files are backed up safely and are easily accessible. You will find data safely transmitted to the online server and updated from time to time..

With TelxPro, you will not only be able to access your important files in future, but you also will not have to worry about losing company data due to whatever reasons.
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Introduction to Telx
Get the big picture fast with a short introduction to TelxPro online backup.

Need a server backup plan?

Hard-drives fails, computers burn, virus attack or natural disaster occurs lose of business data. Thus you must protect them to a safe business. Telxbackup has a plan to backup your data to stop something happen to wrong with that.

TelxPro offers you

  • Simple online administration console to provide facility containing complete information.
  • Automatic Online backup according to the desired schedule.
  • Facility for backing up whole data of your computers and SQL servers, Exchange servers and network drive support.
  • Advanced technique to safeguard the integrity and privacy.
  • Better accessibility, unlimited space and very low costs compared to a power consuming backup server.
  • Ability to share and exchange data between different server in network or without network.
  • Provide accessibility from anywhere in the world.