Better Protection, Unlimited Space in Your Budget

Reliable backup and data recovery are critical in today's driven age. Therefore, there has been a major rise in the demand and popularity for online backup solutions.

Telx Backup provides better protection against external hard drive failures such as CD/DVDs, or flash drives and file corruption on your computer. You will have access to your backup anytime and anyplace. Telx Backup allows users to store important files such as music, images and videos or any document file on a server.

Telx Backup also provides an online portal that gives you the ability to access backed-up files through a web browser.

Benefits of TelxHome:

  • Telx Backup solutions works for your personal computers and laptops by making it easier to backup and maintain records. These backup services provide faster access and updates to files.

  • Reliable backup can be scheduled or it can be manually initiated. Data backup works like a traditional tape backup, except that it is online.

  • Secure data transmission occurs over the Internet through the use of our encryption technology that prevents accessibility to any unauthorized user.

  • It works out to be a lot cheaper than an external hard drive, DVD drive or tape drive. You can make more backup by enhancing the existing space.

  • An automatic update of your data occurs at scheduled intervals assuring that you continually have the most recent version of software.

  • With Telx Backup, your data is stored in a different location from your computer. If something wrong happens with your computer, your data will still be intact and accessible.